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I'm a 24 guy from Spain wandering the world alone.
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How did we end up getting here, the lowest of the low?
I’ve sunk below the bottom, past my breaking point
So sick of feeling mistreated
Out of luck and out of hope

I can’t break free from the troubles in my mind
Like chains around my head killing me inside
I can’t respond to my mistakes without a trace of disappointment
I can’t let go and I won’t let go because I’m scared of what I’ll really find

There was beauty in those moments
But it’s shadowed by my plastic smile
What’s wrong with me? I can’t pretend to be happy
I feel the guilt overcoming me

Feel depression trying to retake me
Feel my pride get washed away

Nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Are you happy now? Don’t waste your time

"I will look up to the stars, so you will forever see, the best part of you still lives in me."

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This compilation is the best thing I’ve listened to for a while.

Birthdays sucks

I’m another day late and one year older.
I’m a failure by design